#Book Review Elsewhere, by Rosita Boland

Book Review Elsewhere Rosita Boland

If you “suffer” from fernweh (an ache for distant place) then this book is for you.

Book Blurb

Documenting nine journeys from nine different moments in her life, Elsewhere reveals how exploring the world – and those we meet along the way – can dramatically shape the course of a person’s life. From death-defying bus journeys through Pakistan to witnessing the majestic icescapes of Antarctica to putting herself back together in Bali, Rosita experiences moments of profound joy and endures deep personal loss. In a series of jaw-dropping, illuminating and sometimes heart-breaking essays, Elsewhere is a book that celebrates the life well-travelled in all its messy and wondrous glory. 

Book Review

Book revew Everywhere Rostia BolandHave you seen the Bruno Catalano’s sculpture called Traveller? I was fascinated by it. When you travel you leave a little piece of your heart at every place that you’ve visited. That’s the idea behind the missing bronze parts. If we follow Bruno’s idea then I was wondering how much we would see of Rosita Boland.

She has travelled over the world for the last thirty years and has been to places where I recall some of us can’t even find on the map. She travels alone most of the time, with a rucksack and a diary. She has experienced what it means to be a citizen of the world.

The word Onism has stuck on my mind after reading Rosita Boland’s book. It means Book revew Everywhere Rostia Bolandawareness of how little of the world you’ll experience. If you want to spin the globe close your eyes and put your finger to your next destination, but you can’t actually afford it, then buy the book. It’s your ticket to not one but nine countries.

Each chapter of Elsewhere represents a different journey – in Peru, Australia, Iceland and even Antarctica is included. Take a cup of a coffee and enjoy the ride.


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