#Book Review Seven Letters,by Sinead Moriarty

Book Review Seven Letters Sinead Moriarty seven letters of loveHow do you know that a book is worth buying? When you wake up at half seven on Saturday morning and you don’t lie in any longer but make coffee instead and grab the book because you can’t wait to find out what’s happening next. That was me with Seven letters by Sinead Moriarty.

 Book Blurb

Every year Sarah writes a birthday letter of love to her adored daughter, Izzy, now seven. And after she falls pregnant, she promises Izzy that the arrival of a baby brother will make their family complete. So when she collapses a few months later, the safe happy life Izzy knows is shattered.

With Sarah’s future, and the future of her pregnancy, in their hands, her husband and sister disagree fiercely about her treatment. The once close family starts to fall apart.
The clock is ticking, and the doctors need a decision. Can those who love Sarah get beyond the fog of grief and anger to figure out what’s for the best? Can they ever forgive each other for the decisions they make?

Will Izzy lose everything she knows and loves?


Book Review

I was searching for my next book to buy when I read the synopsis of Seven Letters by Sinead Moriarty. I just knew I was going to like it. Although it doesn’t seem like a light weekend read, I was on my way to the Bookshop to buy it.

Book Review Seven Letters Sinead Moriarty seven letters of love431 pages and not sure how many tears later I finished the book and here I am writing the review. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but still, I would like to prepare you for it – do not open it before you have Kleenex box right next to you.

Seven letters by Sinead Moriarty was inspired by a real court case which makes it even more horrifying. As it’s written on the very first page of the book “There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go.”

Letting go is never easy and Sarah’s family have to learn it the hard way, not like there is anSeven Letters Sinead Moriarty Book review seven letters of love easy way anyway. Sarah is in hospital and her future depends on her family. But who knows her the best? Who can take the whole responsibility over her life? Is that her loving husband, her older sister or her father? Who can be her voice? Who knows her better?

Though decisions are to be taken, actions that may lead to falling apart of the family and even the best intensions may look evil. Who knows what’s wrong and what’s right when a human life is on the line? There really aren’t many easy answers, if any at all.

With Sinead Moriarty’s book Seven Letters you will be on the edge, going through a whole scale of emotions and at the end you are gonna be grateful for what you already have because life is unpredictable and sometimes all you have left are seven letters.

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