Book Review: The Importance of Being Aisling

#Book Review The Importance of Being Aisling Emer McLysaght and Sarah BreenThe sequence of the Oh My Got What a Complete Aisling is even more intriguing although the first one was hilarious and charming. Aisling is dealing with a diversity of emotions and she appears to be braver than she believes. The Important of Being Aisling is funny and heartwarming.

Book Blurb

Aisling is 29 and she’s still a complete Aisling. After a tough year, things between herself and John are back on track, and life with Sadhbh and Elaine in their notiony Dublin apartment is more craic than ever. But when a shock change means moving Down Home might be her only option, Aisling is thrown. Can she give up the sophistication of brunch and unlimited Pinot Greej? Will she and Mammy kill each other living back under the same roof? And where does that leave her and John? When a girls’ trip to Vegas gives Aisling some unexpected confidence, she decides it’s time to grab Ballygobbard by the horns. Throw in a surprise engagement, a very public brawl, new friends and nasty foes, maybe BGB is just what Aisling needs to discover she’s stronger than she ever imagined.

Book Review

#Book Review The Importance of Being Aisling Emer McLysaght and Sarah BreenAfter living in Dublin for a while Aisling might need to go back home to Ballygobbard and take care for her lonely mum. To go home should be the easiest thing but nothing is simple for Aisling who always over thinks and over plans everything. How she will go ahead with her mum when her dad isn’t there to be the peace maker anymore? Will she be able to stay close with John when they don’t live in the same city?

A little trip to Vegas brightened up her mood and mind and you know the saying, what happen in Vegas stays in Vegas. I’m not about to give any spoilers here but prepare yourself for a good laugh.

Aisling might be living back at home but it doesn’t mean that she will stay between the four walls doing nothing, that wouldn’t be her after all. She is invited to a crazy Mexican party with lethal margaritas, she would be in the middle of a very public brawl, would take part in a baby gender reveal party and so much more. Looks like Ballygobard might be offering a lot more than she thinks.

I enjoyed reading The Importance of Being Aisling and I’m already looking forward for the next one.#Book Review The Importance of Being Aisling Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen

Yes, it’s not only a funny one, bad things happened like her father’s death in the first book but that will motivate Aisling even more to show what she is capable of and not only her, but her mother too as we see in the second book. I like the idea of women’s empowerment and I find it inspiring.

About The Authors

Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen conceived the character of Aisling in their sitting room in 2008, when they began to observe the many traits, characteristics and quirks of a very particular type of Irish girl; one they identified around them and one they identified with.

Emer McLysaght is the former editor of The Daily Edge and has worked extensively in journalism and radio.

Sarah Breen is a journalist whose work has appeared in Stellar, Image, U, the Irish Independent and The Gloss.

The Importance of Being Aisling is there second novel.

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