#Book Review Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling, by Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen

Book Review Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling OMGWACA Emer McLysaght Sarah BreenReading Oh My God What a Complete Aisling (OMGWACA) is like watching Bridget Jones or kind of like it anyhow.

Book Blurb

Aisling is twenty-eight and she’s a complete … Aisling. She lives at home in Ballygobbard (or Ballygobackwards, as some gas tickets call it) with her parents and commutes to her good job at PensionsPlus in Dublin.

Aisling goes out every Saturday night with her best friend Majella, who is a bit of a hames (she’s lost two phones already this year – Aisling has never lost a phone).

Aisling spends two nights a week at her boyfriend John’s. He’s from down home and was kiss number seventeen at her twenty-first.

But Aisling wants more.

Book Review

Book Review Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling OMGWACA Emer McLysaght Sarah BreenIt’s hilarious, soul-stirring and engaging. Aisling is 27, she still lives with her parents but dreams about the moment when she will finally move out into her own her place where she will have her own utility room. For now she spends only 2 nights away per week with her boyfriend John. They’ve been together for 7 years but he still hasn’t pop the question and Aisling is waiting for it.

After a holiday in Tenerife where everything goes wrong, Aisling refuses to stay with John any longer and she decides to change her life drastically. Breaking up with her boyfriend and moving away from her parents is only the beginning.

You know how they say “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans”, the same goes for Ais. It doesn’t take long before you feel drawn into her life and have the feeling like she is one of your friends. You might find yourself giggling and then sobbing over the pages because it’s hard not to empathise with her.

About The Authors#Book Review Oh My God What a Complete Aisling Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen

Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen conceived the character of Aisling in their sitting room in 2008, when they began to observe the many traits, characteristics and quirks of a very particular type of Irish girl; one they identified around them and one they identified with.

Emer McLysaght is the former editor of The Daily Edge and has worked extensively in journalism and radio.

Sarah Breen is a journalist whose work has appeared in Stellar, Image, U, the Irish Independent and The Gloss.

Oh My God, What a Completely Aisling (OMGWACA) is their debut novel.

The Importance of Being Aisling is their second novel.

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