Book Review: The dollmaker of Krakow, by R. M. Romero

Book Review The dollmaker of Krakow R. M. RomeroThe book is a historical fiction for young readers, which I wasn’t sure I would like because it is not my typical choice. Rarely have I read stories about wars, and this one is for WW2 but
when you add a bit of magic and a marvellous cover, I guess I was sold.

Book Review The dollmaker of Krakow R. M. RomeroBook Blurb

Book Review The dollmaker of Krakow R. M. RomeroYou should know it’s a sad story when WW2 is involved but it’s a beautiful novel which reminds us that we always have a choice. “We can choose to participate in hateful acts, to look away from them … or to ease the pain we see in the world thought bravery and kindness.”

“Weaving together magic, folklore and history, this timeless story is about finding hope and friendship in the darkest of places.”

The year is 1939, the place is Krakow, there is war but there is magic and hope. The dark memories of Great War are not leaving Cyryl, the dollmaker, and yet there is another war closer than he thinks. He is working in his toy shop, creating beautiful dolls while one day his work had gone beyond his expectations and he made a living doll. Pure magic, he has the power to bring life to his toys.

The doll is called Carolina, she might be small in size but has a big loving heart and her braveBook Review The dollmaker of Krakow R. M. Romero wishes know no limits. Day by day she makes a friend with Cyryl and helps him to open his heart to the people again. He used to be lonely, working in his shop but now with Carolina by his side he is creating new friendships, he doesn’t know yet that they might cost his life.

The dollmaker and the doll both see a magic in the world at the time of a war. Their outstanding courage and fearless actions to save the lives of their friends won’t let you eyes dry.

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