Book Review: The memory shop, by Ella Griffin

#Book Review The Memory ShopThe Memory Shop was such a cozy and charming story with the absolute perfect setting of a vintage shop.

Book Blurb#Book Review The Memory Shop

Nora is fleeing London for her childhood home in Dublin after her heart is suddenly torn apart. Back home, she learns she has inherited all of her grandmother’s worldly belongings – a feather shrug, a Tiffany mirror, a gold locket, and many more precious things besides.

With no means of keeping them, and not able to bear auctioning everything off, Nora decides to open The Memory Shop so each object is matched to a perfect new owner.

Soon Nora begins transforming the lives of those around her through the items she pairs them with, helping them find new happiness in unexpected ways. Now if she can only let go of her own past, she might just surprise herself . . .

#Book Review The Memory ShopBook Review

Nora is returning back to Dublin. Her beloved grandma passed away and she has to go back home to meet her grandparent’s lawyer and look after her inheritance.

She is on her own since her mother Alana left her to travel the world. Alana hadn’t spoken with Nora’s grandmother for more than 30 years so Nora isn’t expecting her to be back in Dublin now.

Lainey and Hugh, Nora’s grandparents, had a lovely house in Dublin with a small shop on the first floor. Their home is full of antiques from different parts of the world. Little treasures are hidden all around, as Nora remembers from the few times when she was visiting her grandparents as a child.

Book Review The Memory Shop
Book Review The Memory Shop

It came as a surprise to Nora that their financial situation wasn’t good at all and she had no chance to keep their house, not only that but she has to sell the antiques aswell. With the problems she left behind in London she decides to stay in Dublin longer than planned and to open her grandparent’s shop again. She knows that if she sell the antiques in the shop she can make profit and secure her mother’s future, a promise she gave to her granny.

The memory shop, is the name she had given to the place because she doesn’t just sell their fabulous clothes and furniture, but also their memories.

Book Review The Memory ShopOnce, while tidying the house trying to find the next thing to put out for display she found a note with Lainey’s writing on it. This was the first note of many, in which her granny would share her memories, some of them would be secrets hidden far away from Nora and her mother. They might give an explanation as to why the connection between Nora’s mother and her grandmother was broken years ago and why Lainey was distant from her granddaughter too.

Memories are worth keeping, but sharing them might be just as important. The Memory Shop was worth reading, my first novel written by Ella Griffin but for sure it won’t be my last.

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