Book Review: Married to Bhutan, by Linda Leaming

Book Review: Married to Bhutan, by Linda Leaming
Book Review: Married to Bhutan, by Linda Leaming

An American woman decides to take an unexpected step in her life and move to a different country. A country so obscure, most of her fellow citizens couldn’t even find on a map.

Book Blurb

Tucked away in the eastern end of the Himalayas lies Bhutan—a tiny, landlocked country bordering China and India. Impossibly remote and nearly inaccessible, Bhutan is rich in natural beauty, exotic plants and animals, and crazy wisdom. It is a place where people are genuinely content with very few material possessions and the government embraces “Gross National Happiness” instead of Gross National Product. In this funny, magical memoir, we accompany Linda Leaming on her travels through South Asia, sharing her experiences as she learns the language, customs, and religion; her surprising romance with a Buddhist artist; and her realizations about the unexpected path to happiness and accidental enlightenment. As one of the few Americans to have lived in Bhutan, Leaming offers a rare glimpse into the quirky mountain kingdom so many have only dreamed of. For over ten years, Leaming has lived and worked in the town of Thimphu, where there are no traffic lights and fewer than 100,000 people. “If enlightenment is possible anywhere,” she writes, “I think it is particularly possible here.” The Bhutanese way of life can seem daunting to most Westerners, whose lives are consumed with time, efficiency, and acquiring things. But Leaming shows us that we don’t necessarily have to travel around the world to appreciate a little Bhutan in our own lives, and that following our dreams is the way to be truly happy.

Book Review

Bhutan is a small country bordering China and India. It’s population is less than 1 million people. The country is quite unique and instead of Gross National product they have Gross National Happiness.

Bhutanese people may not have many possessions in their life, for example Linda says that in the beginning when she moved there, washing machines and hot water might be hard to find in houses but beyond that she truly believes that “If enlightenment is possible anywhere” it’s particularly possible here.

She share with us the magic of the country where happiness is more than an idea, it’s a way of life. It didn’t take long before she fell in love with the country and took a decision to live there instead of the USA. The fact that she didn’t know the language or the culture of the country didn’t stop her. As she wrote at the very end of her book “some things in life are more important than understanding”.

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