4 Non-book gifts for book lovers


To find the perfect present for a book lover is not an impossible mission. If you think that buying a book is the only option then you are mistaken. There is variety of presents related to the interest of your bookworm.





Scarf with book quotes/ literary scarf

It’s winter. We all need extra layers to keep us warm. A scarf with book quotes might be an original addition to your book lover’s outfit. You can even choose one with quotes from her/his favourite book and make the present even more special.



Who doesn’t like scented candles? There are many new book scented candles that would be great present to any Kindle owner who misses the smell of books. What’s more you can even find book scented candles inspired by certain books. In other words if you know that the person you are buying the present for is a fan of Game of Thrones you can pick a Game of Thrones House Stark candle.




It is a myth that book lovers are passionate only about books, they may have variety of interests. If fashion is one of them then just pick a book themed bag. You can’t go wrong with it. Women never have enough bags so they will always appreciate a


Subscription box

You can easily sign up your book addicted friend for a book subscription box. You will be able to choose the period. It might be for just one month or up to 6 months. In each box the subscriber will find not only a book but lots of book related items. Just you have to choose carefully the box you want to pick because all of them have a different target market. Some of the boxes offer only young adults literature, others fantasy and etc.,so choose wisely.

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