Book Review: Words in deep blue, by Paige Toon

Book Review: Words in deep blue, by Paige Toon
Book Review: Words in deep blue, by Paige Toon

Heartbreaking YA book about love and loss.

Book Blurb

This is a love story.
It’s the story of Howling Books, where readers write letters to strangers, to lovers, to poets.
It’s the story of Henry Jones and Rachel Sweetie. They were best friends once, before Rachel moved to the sea. 
Now, she’s back, working at the bookstore, grieving for her brother Cal and looking for the future in the books people love, and the words they leave behind.

Book Review

Rachel lost her little brother a year ago and can’t move on from it. Her granny wants to bring her back to life and sends her to live in her home town where her old friends are. There is Henry, who’s her best friend, whose parents owns a special bookshop. In this bookshop you can leave letters between the pages of the books or write in the books to the person who will read it after you. This is a place which connects people in a unique way.

Henry is working in the bookshop with his parents and his little sister. It’s getting harder for them to earn enough money from it though, so his mother offers them to sell the place and move on.

Book Review: Words in deep blue, by Paige Toon
Book Review: Words in deep blue, by Paige Toon

Is it easy to end something that has been the meaning of your life since you remember it? What will happen with private messages between the book pages? Can you sell your dreams for money?

Henry isn’t quite sure to support his mum’s offer or not. It’s getting even harder for him when his old friend Rachel starts working in the bookshop, helping his father to register everything before the sale. He can’t recognize his old friend because she isn’t the same girl anymore. He hasn’t got a clue about the letter Rachel wrote to him which is hidden in one of the books years ago, right before leaving town with her family.

Can he find the way back to Rachel after these years, can one letter change everything?

Rachel is trying to hold the falling parts of her life after her brother’s death. Going back to Greystone might be her chance for a new beginning with her old friends. She loves the bookshop which brought her many loving memories. The news that this place might be closed is another hit in her life. She couldn’t save her brothers life but she will try to keep the books alive.

I wasn’t sure if at the beginning of the book if I really liked it. I have read amazing reviews about it and which was why I decided to give it a go. Now when I have read all of it I can honestly say that I’m glad I did.

There is so much hope in this book. It just show us that every end is a new beginning and we never ever really lose something if we truly love it. As Cath Crowley wrote in her book “we are the books we read and the things we love” and “if there is no hope of saving the things we love in their original form, we must save them however we can.”

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